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Download free music for every mood.

If music is food for your soul, you're never going to go hungry again. Flutter your eyelids for Wynk Music - the free music app. Listen to over 2.6 million songs from different musical genres, regions and languages. Whether it's chart-topping international artists or the very best in Indian music, you've got it all.

There's a song for every taste, place, mood and activity. Why wait? Here's why you should start Wynk-ing now:

Listen to over 2.6 million songs across Indian and International music.
Experience high quality music streaming.
Groove to 1000s of curated playlists sorted by moods, artists, genres, devotional, classics and many more in Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi.
Save songs to your phone and turn it into an mp3 music player.
Listen to free music streaming even at low Internet speeds with mobile data or Wi-Fi.
Set your favourite song as a caller ring back tone.
Tune into Internet Radio and enjoy hours of uninterrupted music.
Buy songs and albums easily at shockingly low prices.
Get support for Chromecast.
A vernacular UI allows you to interact in English or Hindi.

Enjoy Wynk subscription for just INR 99 per month and enjoy unlimited ad-free music streaming, unlimited in-app downloads as well as download songs to play them offline. Plus, get the first month free as a trial offer.

Are you an Airtel customer? Get FREE Wynk Music subscription with Airtel data plans.

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